“The chief danger about Paris

is that it is such a strong stimulant.” (T.S. Eliot)

February is here with its characteristic chill; nevertheless, it carries within it the warmth of love. Paris, often hailed as the city of love and light, invites you to embrace the cold winds while exploring the sensuality of ancient Egypt and unraveling the intriguing history of Parisian brothels through two captivating guided tours from La Compagnie des Guides; Sensuality in Ancient Egypt and Paris Brothels.

Sensuality in Ancient Egypt: A Journey through Time

Mummies and tombs also conceal another lesser-known aspect of the age of the pharaohs: sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure… Oh my! Objects of seduction, moments of pleasure, erotic legends, marriage, adultery, divorce, legendary couples, mythology built around sex, intimate lives, sensual literature…

Created by Thierry do Espirito, author of a history book on the subject, this tour will take you on an original journey through the treasures of the Louvre’s collection of Egyptian antiquities.

Begin your exploration in the halls of the Louvre, a treasure trove of art and artifacts that spans millennia. Ancient Egyptians revered sensuality as a celebration of life. They believed it to be an essential part of the human experience. The walls of tombs and temples tell stories of passionate encounters. Here is where love and desire were intricately woven into the fabric of daily life. The goddess Hathor symbolized love and beauty.  She graced the ancient Egyptians with her divine presence, inspiring an appreciation for the sensual aspects of existence.

Embark on a guided tour through the artifacts of ancient Egypt. Allow the whispers of history to evoke the timeless pursuit of pleasure and connection. These echoes from the past emphatically serve as a poignant reminder that this journey transcends the boundaries of time. They resonate with us even today.

Brothels in Old Paris: The Secret Side of the City

Fast forward to the vibrant streets of old Paris, where we uncover the city’s sultry underbelly. This is where tales of clandestine rendezvous and hidden pleasures abound. In the shadowy corners of Montmartre and Pigalle, brothels thrived, offering sanctuary to those defying societal norms.

During the Belle Époque, Paris bloomed into a haven of indulgence, beckoning artists, writers, and bohemians to its dimly lit secret establishments. From the iconic Moulin Rouge to the lavish bordellos nestled in the Nouvelle Athènes district, Paris fully embraced its reputation as the global capital of pleasure.

As you wander through the charming streets once home to these covert spaces, let your imagination conjure the vibrant characters who sought solace and delight in the arms of Parisian bordellos.

Between 1880 and 1914, Paris reigned as the world capital of pleasure and sensuality, as a result marking the golden age of its brothels. Where were they situated? How was life structured for their inhabitants? What rules were imposed by the landladies? What did these lavishly adorned houses resemble?

Your guide Elisa will take you to the Nouvelle Athènes district. This neighborhood continues to keep up the romantic idea of an artsy bohemia hanging out in brothels, complete with some fancy mansions for the top courtesans. While it may look titillating, the truth was much harsher. There were high-end brothels for politicians and businessmen, middle-class brothels for important folks and small-time traders, and even some slaughterhouses doing their “business” in pretty grim conditions. Especially sprinkled with entertaining and scandalous stories, this tour of the main brothels spills the real, unfiltered tale.

Exploring Sensuality in Ancient Egypt and Parisian Brothels

Whether strolling through the Louvre’s Ancient Egypt department’s majestic halls or meandering down the cobbled streets of Montmartre, you’ll discover that Paris, the City of Love, has always embraced the allure of sensuality. Paris in February certainly beckons you to immerse yourself in the timeless dance of passion, art, and history.

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