Private guided tours of museums, exhibitions, landmarks, and neighborhoods in Paris are extremely popular. The pandemic has changed travel expectations, including that of visiting in small groups with just your own entourage. You’ve come to the right place; the Compagnie des Guides specializes in private tours. What are the advantages?

Here are 10 good reasons not to miss out on a private tour

  1. These tours are ideal for those who want to visit with family, friends, or colleagues.
  2. The most common number of participants is 4, but you can visit with two or more people.
  3. You choose your date and time. Being in a small group, the range of time slots is much wider than in large groups and the schedule is easier to adapt.
  4. Some museums, like the Louvre or Orsay, limit small groups to six participants. For large groups, the duration of a visit is limited to 1h45. There is no time limit for small groups, therefore it is really convenient to visit these museums, especially in the evening.
  5. Your private tour is led by a dedicated guide, who looks after you from A to Z, takes the tickets, if necessary, and has them on their cell phone, freeing you from the constraints and worries of organization. You just have to come 10 minutes before the reserved time. Then let yourself be carried away. Your guide chooses an itinerary according to your requests and expectations and the visit is tailored to your preferences.
  6. Being in a small group allows you to go deeper, to spend more time on what you are passionate about. Questions are always welcome, and you are free to ask your guide.
  7. The guide will adapt the format for a young public, seniors, or those who are not fans of the usual format of guided tours. No one is forgotten or left out!
  8. If the price seems higher than a large-scale tourist visit, it is because of the direct and personal relationship with your guide. Don’t hesitate to create a group to split the price. A private guided tour is also an excellent gift for your loved ones.
  9. Your pace is our pace! We take our time with you.
  10.  A small group is ideal to share emotion. That’s our motto!

Once they have experienced our private tours, our clients love this service and they don’t want to do an exhibition, a museum, or a themed visit any other way. Allow yourself to be enticed by our services!