• All venues into museums and monuments in France now require health pass. CDC vaccination cards can be accepted if you show your passport in addition.
  • Be sure to be fully compliant with this requirement, otherwise you will be refused at entry without any possible refund of your booking.

Tickets + Private Guided Tour – Versailles Gardens and Trianon


Versailles is much more than a castle:  it is a royal estate with incomparable gardens, as well as a city that remained the seat of French power from the times of Louis XIV the whole way to the French Revolution

Only a professional guide can give you an insight of the strong and sometimes hidden messages conveyed by the lavish Grand Apartments or by the staggering number of fountains and statues spread out in front of the chateau. The Sun king chose to make Versailles the expression of his absolute power and the splendor of his home was the tool to show courtiers and guests alike that he was the center of all that was France. You will also discover the astonishing hamlet of Marie-Antoinette, where she used to live as a farmer far from the rigid etiquette of the royal court of Louis XVI.

  • Entrance fees are included in the price
  • All of our guides are fully-licensed tour guide
  • Total compliance with health measures
  • Date: August, 31th, 2021
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Guided tour:
    • Price (without taxes): 200,00€
    • VAT: 50,00€
    • Price (taxes included): 250,00€
  • Entrance ticket:
    • 2 Passeports (Palace, gardens and Trianon) : 28,00 X 2 = 56,00€
    • 5 Gardens tickets: 8,5 X 5 = 42,50 €
    • 5 Trianon tickets: 12 X 5 = 60,00€
  • Total price: 408,50 €
  • Meeting point: given by the guide
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