Preventive measures of Covid 19

All our operations comply with the sanitary rules in force. In order to provide you with the safest possible environment, we have set up a sanitary protocole essential for your protection as well as that of the guides providing the tours. We are sure you will understand the importance of complying with these measures.

→ General rules

  • All venues into museums and monuments in France now require health pass. CDC vaccination cards can be accepted if you show your passport in addition.
  • Be sure to be fully compliant with this requirement, otherwise you will be refused at entry without any possible refund of your booking.
  • The size of a group cannot exceed 10 people (guide included)
  • Payment is to be made online in advance to avoid any handling of cash.
  • Everyone is to wear a mask during the tour.
  • We carefully sanitize and disinfect all surfaces of contact elements and tools before any tour: card, wrist strap, iPad, laptop, headphones and cases.
  • We only work with partners and institutions that follow strict procedures in terms of health and hygiene standards.

→ During the tour

  • All our guides are fully vaccinated.
  • Your guide will welcome you warmly but will not be able to shake hands for safety reasons.
  • You will be reminded of shielding measures, health precautions and the obligation of physical distancing implemented during the tour.
  • Shielding measures: wash your hands, cough into your elbow, blow your nose in disposable tissue, do not shake hands or kiss.
  • Physical distancing: stay at least 5 feet from each other, which is about the length of two outstretched arms. This applies to all participants except members of the same family.
  • You will be provided with sanitizing gel.
  • In the event you wish to give your guide case any tip in cash, she/he will take it into a specific envelope, and will sanitize his/her hands immediately afterwards.

We know we can rely on your cooperation and we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a  pleasant time, despite these exceptional measures.

Shielding measures guided tour