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Private tour of Napoléon exhibition


More an event than an exhibition! The Grande Halle de la Villette celebrates the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, and for this amazing occasion, the Compagnie des Guides has prepared an emotional visit for you! Adored by some, decried by others, for 200 years Napoleon Bonaparte remains a myth that still fascinates, all across the world, an enigma that arouses passion and controversy.

From May 28 to December 19, 2021, the exhibition displays 150 exceptional and rare pieces for the first time to discover, rediscover and above all understand the dazzling journey of this extraordinary man who changed the order of the European world. From the young officer of the revolutionary army to the Emperor reigning over all of Europe, Napoleon in turn embodied the military genius, the builder, the liberator, the organizer of the territories but also the invader and the one who restored slavery.

Chronologically, from the ascent to the fall, the exhibition, presented by our experienced historian guides, offers you the keys to approaching the complexity of the character, the paradoxes of his policy in their historical context, without forgetting the elaboration of the Napoleonic legend and above all the tangible legacy he bequeathed to us.

A high value visit not to be missed!

  • Price includes guided tour, entrance ticket and audiophones for a better listening comfort
  • Duration of the exhibition visit: 2h00
  • Date and time: choose from the calendar below. – From May 28 to December 19, 2021.
  • Guides: Thierry do Espirito, Élisa Trevisan, Katia Besnard-Rousseau, Marion Imbert, Marie-Laure de Frescheville.
  • Headphones (audiophones) are compulsory, supplied disinfected and included into the price.
  • Health measures: respect of the sanitary protocol of Compagnie des Guides.
  • Meeting point: Fontaine aux Lions, in front of the entrance of the exhibition
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